Longshore, Buck & Longshore, P.C. was founded by A. P. Longshore and W. L. Longshore, Sr. in 1910. The practice areas of the firm include plantiff as well as defense trial work. The firm has a broad-based practice with its major areas being real estate, wills and probate, bankruptcy, personal injury, wrongful death and other civil litigation. The firm services clients throughout the state for real estate foreclosures and bankruptcy matters. Jefferson County and the surrounding counties are the firm's main focus for trial work, but the firm appears in court throughout the state for it's clients.
Longshore, Buck & Longshore, P.C. has AV rated attorneys
Longshore, Buck & Longshore, P.C. has an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell which is the highest possible rating an attorney can receive. With less than 10% of all attorneys in America receiving this rating.

 W. L. Longshore, Jr., Thomas W. H. Buck, and William L. Longshore, III